4 Ways to Recruit Amazing Employees from your Competition!

4 ways to recruit amazing employees from your competition!

It’s that time of year again: Hiring Time! A new year has just begun and the office is abuzz with all the work they have to catch up on and new things on their plate. All these new positions have opened up and you must find the perfect people to join your team…where to begin?

Well for starters, we can all agree that proven performers are the currently employed. They’re the people who are looking for a change but are not desperate to leave their jobs. They have often worked at a company for many years, are stable, but have reached a pivotal moment in their career path. They won’t just leave for any’ol job, so how can YOU seduce them, to come over and work for YOUR company?

1. Talk about growth. Many amazing employees are comfortable in their positions but have reached a ceiling in terms of their role at their existing job. Sometimes, there is just no more room for development, increase in salary or incentive. Tell them about how much YOUR company is growing and expanding and how they can grow with you.

2. Talk about tasks. Many employees are sick of the same old boring routine and need a new exciting challenge in their life. Explain to them how working for YOU would be a change from their day to day – interesting and impactful.

3. Talk about Money. Obviously, when someone is secure at their current job, they don’t want to take risks with their finances and benefits. Some people may be willing to make certain sacrifices for their dream job, but working for your company NEEDS to be attractive. Find out what benefits they currently have and best them!

4. Talk about Culture. A common reason for wanting to leave a job, is not feeling like you “fit” there. That means that the company culture doesn’t work for them. Showcase how awesome and special YOUR company culture is and how they can fit so much more with you!

Nothing like a new year for a new career! Use these sexy pointers to entice workers currently shacking up with the competition!