4 Things the Easter Bunny- and Great Leaders have in Common

It’s that time of year again! Creamy chocolate eggs and pastel colours, no one is immune to the coming of spring and the Easter spirit. Heck, Peter Cottontail himself is even ready to work overtime!

Let’s take a look around: the chocolate industry is booming ( whether artisanal or traditional) and the symbolic Easter bunny is more prevalent than ever. Besides being an awesome egg laying icon, how does our favourite furry celebrity stay relevant in this decade? What does he have in common with some of the greatest leaders and entrepreneurs of this generation?

apple-iphone-smartphone-deskSteve Jobs : Jobs is credited for changing the face of user interfacing and quality computer products forever. His customers have remained loyal due to Apple products consistently remaining on top in terms of excellence.

While the Easter Bunny may not be the most tech savvy out there- he is definitely intelligent and modern in his own right. Through the years- like Apple- he has consistently delivered a high quality product (ie the delicious chocolate egg). There is even talk of his new app IBunny.


pexels-photo (1)Elon Musk: Musk is a strong advocate for ending global warming.

The Easter bunny is also very environmentally conscious and uses an electric car or bicycle (with basket included) to get to his destinations quicker; as he is very conscious of his carbon footprint. (It is rumoured he might be one of the first to use Musk’s Hyperloop jet!).




wonder-woman-552109_1280Oprah: Always in the public eye- Oprah Winfrey is a philanthropist who aims to use her influence for good.

In this respect- the Easter Bunny Also uses his fame and fortune for the good of others. Like Oprah- Most of the royalties he collects are donated to charities to help wild rabbits (and domestic bunnies) live a full and purpose-filled existence. He is also a firm advocate against giving baby chicks as gifts during Easter Time.



hourglass-620397_1280Elizabeth Holmes: Holmes is known for being the youngest female billionaire – and also for her hard work- extremely busy schedule and focus.

The Easter Bunny knows a thing or two about a hectic schedules and hard work! Sure, most months out of the year may be relaxed- but he always strives for improvement and never loses focus on the goal: delivering the maximum amount of Easter eggs to those who deserve them.


It is safe to say that Peter Cottontail still merits his iconic celebrity status as a chocolatey benefactor . He shares the same great traits and passions as many of our generation’s inspirational leaders and we can’t help but be thankful for the hard work he does for us every year.

Happy Easter everyone!

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